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History Behind Museum Artifacts


Are you 18 – 35 and interested in History? Especially ancient Africa history and its relevance then, now and in the coming years? Then ‘beyond the attraction’ is the project for you.

The pivotal role history plays in society cannot be overemphasised. It was Hegel that stated, ‘We learn from history that we learn nothing from history’. This alludes the fact that history could always repeat itself; maybe not in its original form but capable of repetition, nonetheless. A proper understanding of history could shape both the present and the future and a timely recognition of this phenomenon is necessary for the survival of society.

The idea for ‘Beyond The Attraction’ is based on this premise. The primary aim of this project is to give a historical background of select artefacts at the National Museum Cardiff while highlighting the issues surrounding them and contextualising them to contemporary realities in society especially with regards to Africa. It attempts to give an unbiased perspective with a view to giving understanding on the pedigree of issues.

The project is an initiative of the National Museum of Wales in collaboration with the Sub-Sahara Advisory Panel and other partners. The primary resource person is Mr Abu-Bakr Al-Shabazz of City of Bristol College with vast experience on the subject of history. The project employs remote and digital learning to try, as much as possible, to reach as many people as possible and trigger interactions. Based on the open access policy, it is free, and invitation is extended to the public.


There will be 3 sessions in total running on the

  • 8th May: Discusions on Spanish Gold Coin of Ferdinand and Isabella



  • 22nd May: Discussons on Iron Spiritual Doll and Ancestral Figure


  • 15th June - Discusion on What to do about Sir Thomas Picton?


  • 26th June - Discussion on Postcard: Uncle Tom's Play and Black Characters



Beyond The Attraction: History Behind Museum Artifacts

Beyond The Attraction: History Behind Museum Artifacts