Influencing Policy for Better Change.

International Development & African Diaspora

Akinomondi Limited

Our Vision: is to empower vulnerable individuals and communities in Africa to explore their full potential, that develops and maintains sustainable livelihoods.

Our Objectives: are to offer; Psycho-Socio support capacity development, resource mobilisation for enterprise development, Europe and UK Skills transfer, Identifying new markets for European, UK and Africa business, forging trade links to promote Europe and Africa and mutual interest partnerships

Our current Projects are: awareness raising for Vulnerability Reduction in Africa, an online campaign in partnership with Goldfish Consult, sensitisation of policy makers on crime victim issues, for the World Society of Victimology www.worldsocietyofvictimology, mentoring enterprising younger professionals, in collaboration with the Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues. and training of Victim Empowerment Trainers in Africa, an upcoming project in collaboration with Survivors of Rwanda Genocide Fund (SURF), SSAP and other strategic partners.

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