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International Development & African Diaspora

Aims & Objectives




To consider and pursue the needs of Diaspora Groups in their international development work, and to facilitate the knowledge and skills of Diaspora Groups in Wales to be used to advice and support indigenous Welsh International Development Organisations.


SSAP deals with policy and strategic level training of people and lnternational Development Agencies Working in Wales through the Wales for Africa platform.

To encourage the adoption of strategies and actions that deliver real and measurable benefits in sub-Sahara Africa.

To provide insight, knowledge and experience on sub-Saharan Africa to international development groups in Wales.

To add value to the principles and practices of international development monitoring and evaluation.

To recommend and comment upon government and civil society policies, practices and programmes.

To offer a critique of the focus, criteria and processes attached to international development funding programmes.

To provide a ‘reality check’ on all aspects of intended and existing programmes of work in sub-Saharan Africa.

To address matters of injustice, poor governance and corruption that compromise effective international development.

To provide information and intelligence on international development practice and opportunities to Diaspora organizations and groups.

To support the establishment and growth of community cohesion among Diaspora groups and communities in Wales.

To propose and undertake research and monitoring and evaluation assignments.

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