Influencing Policy for Better Change.

International Development & African Diaspora

Aims & Objectives


To consider and pursue the needs of Diaspora Groups in their international development work, and to facilitate the knowledge and skills of Diaspora Groups in Wales to be used to advice and support indigenous Welsh International Development Organisations. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop the capacity, strengthen the advocacy voice and increase the collaborative potential of the diaspora community in Wales

Our Vision

A world in which the sustainable development goals have been achieved for the people of Sub-Saharan Africa. 

Our Values

  • Approachability
  • Inclusivity
  • Transparency

Our Belief

  • We believe in Sharing Knowledge
  • We believe in being an open, inclusive, collaborative space
  • We believe in empowering our members.



1. Develop Capacity:          

  • Enable a dynamic and effective diaspora community
  • Provide high quality capacity building opportunities for SSAP members, staff and volunteers
  • Ensure financial sustainability of SSAP
  • Establish a clear, effective governance approach

2. Strengthen Voice:

  • Inspire and influence, locally, nationally and internationally
  • Engage diverse community groups in influencing policy
  • Share and deepen understanding of SSAP vision, purpose and mission
  • Capture and communicate successes

3. Bring Together:

  • Be an inclusive reliable, innovative platform for collaborations
  • Develop effective partnerships and networks at all levels
  • Act as a collaborative learning and sharing platfom
  • Connect opportunities and ideas between communities in Africa and Wales.