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International Development & African Diaspora


Our Objectives: Mobilise resources and provide grants to partners in Zimbabwe for the implementation of community projects that aim to develop human capital and eliminate structural inequalities and reduce extreme poverty. To advance the domestication and implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for the benefit of vulnerable rural communities with a particular focus on women and young people. To Facilitate the global integration of Zimbabwean Women’s movements, groups, Community Based organisations and other Civil Society Organisations with an interest in supporting the advancement of women and young people’s empowerment in rural Zimbabwe.

Further we want to facilitate the adoption and use of new technologies such as the RACHEL Server and Raspberry Pii to bridge the digital divide between rural and urban communities to facilitate for enhanced capacities of rural women and young people to contribute to informed rural communities. Facilitate linkages or twinning between organisations in Wales/UK and those in Zimbabwe for the purposes of knowledge sharing and inter-cultural exchange.

Project Hope is the current project seeking to address gender imbalances that society has sown in this community of Chivi District. Access to water and sanitation, women’s lifelong learning, women’s participation and transformative leadership.

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