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Gift of Grace

OUR MISSION: is to provide a sound sustainable Supplementary education and community programmes to improve the lives of 120 vulnerable girls and orphans aged 5- 12 years, who are trapped and devastated by poverty and lack of educational opportunities in their young lives. We are also committed to feeding them a balanced meal at the end of lessons.

OUR VISION: is to train and equip teachers, provide proper school resources in order to improve access to sustainable quality education for these voiceless children; increase school enrolment for all, especially girls and improve learning conditions and outcomes. We also encourage and teach our communities to promote the rights of women and education of children.

OBJECTIVES: Our strongest objective is to encourage global education by facilitating interaction (now, on-going exchange of letters) between our school in Owerre-Olubor, Nigeria and schools in Wales.

CURRENT PROJECTS: Our school project is on-going and Gift of Grace has funded their teachers to start a community Project making and selling local jewellery and local Bath soap.

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