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International Development & African Diaspora

Madzimai Pamwe

Madzimai Pamwe (women together) is a Newport based Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) comprising women working in partnership in Wales and Zimbabwe. We handed over a facility for pregnant women at the Gutu District hospital in Zimbabwe under The Hope For Zimbabwe project 2014 and we aim to continue improving facilities there and elsewhere.

We sponsor the last two years of primary and secondary school education for children who have lost parents due to HIV/AIDS both in the rural and urban areas of Zimbabwe. We raise awareness about different issues faced by the diaspora community in Wales and women and children in Zimbabwe.

We promote healthy living and wellbeing through our Njuzu Community Swimming Group and the Sanganayi Exercise Group.

Installation of solar panels on hospital maternity wing and mother’s waiting shelter (Matumba), incubator purchase, build library and continuing with education fund.