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International Development & African Diaspora

North Wales African Society (NWAS)

The number of people identifying as African Diaspora has continued to grow around Wales with little done to connect these communities; in Gwynedd, Bangor University has had a robust international recruitment strategy for a long time, the result of course creating a population of international students from undergraduates up to PhD level students & Post-docs whose stay in the area ranges from several months to decade. We at the North Wales African Society (NWAS) aim to help integrate these new growing African communities with our activities.

NWAS is creating an accessible platform for the population of African diaspora in the North Wales with focus in the social, education and business areas. We create and host events centred around African themes and topics, educate about the African continent and facilitate business and revenue generating with activities in North wales and on the African continent. Values of our organisation include; Embracing welsh language and society, friendship, shared interest, good neighbourliness, openness and inclusiveness, transparency, collaboration and active participation.

Current Projects

  • Post-production of the event
  • Meet and Greet
  • Used book projects (Books for Africa).
  • African community integration and engagement project
  • African Evening


  • Encourage integration of members within the community
  • Create and host amazing parties and social events to continue growing our physical presence and also engage in different social activities in the community like food festivals, film festival, fashion fair, etc.
  • Connecting communities with shared and related history/culture from across the African continent, the Caribbean and Americas using social and educational events
  • Inspiring any interested Non-African supporters and locals to find out more about the various links between Wales & Africa
  • Create institutional collaborations and engagement to allow mutual benefits to both Africa and Wales.
  • Create awareness about African continent (showcase Africa) there by Sharing our story beyond the local area, promoting positive images/ projects from Africa
  • Identify research needs and existing researches between Africa and Wales
  • Building novel links with Africa in order to bolster and maintain current connections by Initiating trade and business collaborations between Africa and Wales 
  • Provide small business support and advice to members that need ut

Address: 56 Upper Garth Bangor Gwynedd LL57 2SS


Twitter: @GwyneddAfrica