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Sight 2020 Direct

Sight 2020 Direct is a UK based charity that was set up in 2001 by an ophthalmologist who identified the need for good eye care services, for the underprivileged, in the developing world.

We also operate in Malawi as an NGO called Onani Eye Foundation.

Our Mission Statement: We aim to fight and treat the preventable causes of blindness in the developing world. This includes cataracts, childhood blindess, refractive errors, low vision and glaucoma.

Our Ethos: Our ethos is expressed in our values of community without borders. To enhance community responsibility as expressed in the tenets of the Alma Ata Declaration (1978) which states that every community has some responsibility for its health. Healthcare schemes must be practical and acceptable to its community.

A team of 6 professionals, comprising of an ophthalmologist, optometrists, orthoptists and a third year optometry student, are currently screening children for refractive errors, squints etc in three primary schools in the Balaka region of Malawi.

CONTACT DETAlLS:  @OnaniSight2020