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Tallafi UK is a constituted organisation based in North Wales, United Kingdom established on 12 April 2019 (under the guidance of Tallafi UK aims to build resilient and sustainable communities through the provision of primary education, vocational skills, infrastructural development and capacity building, resulting in eradicating illiteracy and reducing poverty. Tallafi UK provides the means by which the communities can access formal and informal education, for groups within the community to develop vocational skills and for all residents to be provided with and have access to basic social amenities. Consequently, empowering the communities with sustainable interventions and improving the rural livelihoods in Northern Nigeria.

The organisation was founded by Dr Salamatu J. Fada and is supported by a Board of eight Trustees and two teams working in Northern Nigeria and North Wales, UK. The organisation works in conjunction with Rural Communities’ Development Associations (RCDA) in Northern Nigeria.

For operational purposes, Tallafi UK is designed to execute its projects under these headings:

  1. Physical infrastructural development: build and renovate schools, dig bore holes, build dispensaries
  2. Education: a) Child education b) Teacher training c) Family literacy
  3. Enhancing economic activities through vocational training for a) Young women in early Marriage b) Unemployed young men

These are our current objectives for the KCEP in Bauchi State, Nigeria. Our Objectives will be guided by the need assessment conducted prior to any community intervention.

  • To provide water for the building project as well as for the village community
  • To build 2 blocks of classrooms, each with 3 rooms, and also provide toilet facilities for the school.
  • To recruit, train teachers and carry out workshops on family literacy



Address: 56 Upper Garth Bangor Gwynedd LL57 2SS


Twitter: @tallafiuk_ng