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Wales and West of England Tanzania Diaspora (WaWeTD)

Wales and West of England Tanzania Diaspora is a network of Tanzanians and friends who reside in Wales and the South West of England. The network is to solidify and strengthen the association for the purpose of developin community socially. More information at


1.           To connect Tanzanians so that they  get to know each other.

2.           To start a community-led initiative soa s to support each other.

3.           To start a special initiative for economic, education and community matters.

4.           To have a forum to discuss diffrent issues related to the development of Tanzania

5.           To do other legal matters with the intentions of developing the association.

6.           To publicise our country for tourism and investment purposes.

7.           To ensure that expertise and knowledge found within the association is used accordingly in developing Tanzania as a country.

8.           To ensure that the association is not for political, tribal, regional, religion or any form of gender discrimination

9.         To drive the association under democratic and humna rights principles.



8, Cefn Court




NP10 9AH

Facebook: @WaWeTZUK

Website: More information at