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International Development & African Diaspora


The organisation was established in April 2011. The Committee Consist of 5 Sudanese Women. There are more than 50 members.

Achievements in Cardiff: We collaborated with BAWSO to provide an event to prevent FGM among ethnic minorities, which explained FGM harms and that it does not rely on any religious background. We organised a professional teachers training for all volunteer teachers in both Sudanese schools in Cardiff. We made arrangements with the public library to buy and lend Arabic books for both Sudanese schools in Cardiff.

We are trying to help ladies from our society to integrate with the British society through boosting their confidence and arranging courses with UWIC university. We organised two Bazaars (twice yearly in June & December) to raise money for the organisation. So far we organised 10 Bazaars to raise money to fund our projects in Sudan which been attended by more than 100 people for the Sudan and other communities

To facilitate a network to maintain a connection between the Welsh Sudanese Diaspora and women in Sudan. Networking, to improve health, social and economic wellbeing.

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