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Directory of Diaspora Groups in Wales

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This project brings together Welsh creatives of all ethnicities (with emphasis on Black voices in Wales) and those in the African continent to explore how bridges and cultural links can be built to foster mutual relationships between Wales/Cymru and the African continent. We want to tap into the potential of diasporic communities in Wales and creatives from other communities to build bridges and promote the self-representation of people of African descent in the sector, changing narratives about the continent and about who we are.


Hub Cymru Africa (HCA)

We work with 30+ Africa diaspora groups across Wales in Influencing policy and practice in international development; Providing development support for African diaspora  in Wales working in international development; Host high-level meetings, network events, training and workshops for the sector along with parners at HCA and Connecting the African community with the international development sector locally and internationally.Click for more information

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One Stitch at a time project - Empowerment of women and girls

Thanks to The Souter Charitable Trust we have launched  a project with our partners Action des volontaires pour la paix et developpement integral and AVPDI in Democratic Republic of Congo/ North Kiv. A sewing cooperative has been established with 25 sewing machines and 50 women and girls, who are being trained to sew.

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Jamii Project

Sub-Sahara Advisory Panel (SSAP) is working in partnership with the North Wales African Society (NWAS) to deliver the ‘Jamii Project’ in Cardiff (South Wales) and Bangor (North Wales). The aim of the project is to address root causes of the harsh effect of the pandemic on the African community by addressing issues which have grassroot solutions. “Jamii” means “community” in Africa’s most spoken language- Swahili. The project seeks to foster community spirit and community interdependence to help (the community) cope with and mitigate the effects of the pandemic on the community primarily from a health and well-being vantage point. Click for more information!

Jamii 2 Project

This project is a continuation of Jamii 1, which addressed root causes of the disproportionate impact of the pandemic on the Welsh African community to mitigate the effects of the pandemic from a health and well-being vantage point. It brings together Black-led organisations and charities with strong community relationships. Led by SSAP, the consortium includes the North Wales African Society, Jukebox Collective and Soel Connect. The consortium has strong grassroots links and relationships of trust with African and Black communities across Wales, including Cardiff, Swansea and Newport in South Wales, and in North Wales; Bangor and Wrexham.

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SSAP Youth Leadership Network - SYLN

This is a youth-led Network-of young people from the African community in Wales. The network is set up to

  • Building trusting relationships with young people that enable us to address their individual needs.
  • Advocating for young people to influence policy and get young voices heard
  • Providing a wide range of programmes and activities to help young people reach their potential

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