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International Development & African Diaspora

International strategy for Wales

International strategy for Wales

14 Sep 2021

Executive Summary and Priorities
In 2015, the Welsh Government published the framework

Wales in the World
. In just four short years, the international landscape has changed dramatically. This, our first international strategy, sets out how we will deliver our three key ambitions, which will in turn benefit the Welsh economy; helping to create and sustain skilled and fair work for people living throughout Wales and contribute to the Welsh Government’s overarching goal of creating a more equal, more prosperous and greener Wales.The main purpose of our International Strategy will be to deliver international collaboration and to project Wales as a globally responsible nation, both of which will help to make us more competitive and well known on the global stage. This will be of benefit to the people of Wales economically, socially and environmentally.

Our three core ambitions are to:

  1. Raise Wales’ profile internationally – we will build on our nation’s reputation as a place buzzing with creativity where people are free to innovate and experiment.
  2. Grow our economy by increasing exports and attracting inward investment, creating new jobs and opportunities for people in Wales. We are committed to embracing and developing new technology to deliver prosperity.
  3. Establish Wales as a globally responsible nation. Our ground-breaking Well-being of Future Generations Act underlines our commitment to sustainability.

Strategy to links with the African continent 'Wales and Africa programe'.

For more than a decade, Wales has been developing and deepening community-based links and partnerships with countries in sub-Saharan Africa through the successful Wales for Africa programme.

This mutually-beneficial programme has supported a distinctively Welsh approach to sustainable international development and solidarity, of which we can be justifiably proud.

Every one of the Wales for Africa partnerships characterise the Welsh approach to international development, where experiences and knowledge are shared in a spirit of mutual respect and reciprocity.

This vibrant, civil-society-based approach has seen friendships formed across Wales and Africa, as people work together practically, purposefully and meaningfully towards achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The African diaspora in Wales plays an important role in building and sustaining these relationships. The vision of the SDGs is that of a shared, sustainably developed world, in which no one is left behind. With our support, the Disasters and Emergency Committee Cymru is able to raise more money, more quickly and efficiently, demonstrating the generous spirit of the people of Wales at times of international crisis.

Today, every Welsh health board has an active health link in Africa and significant numbers of people across Wales have been engaged with the 900-plus organisations in Wales working in Africa on international development and solidarity issues or through their support for Fair Trade.

In June 2008, Wales was the first nation in the world to earn the title Fair Trade Nation and we were the first to enshrine the SDGs into domestic law through the Well-being of Future Generations Act.

We will expand and rename the Wales for Africa programme as Wales and Africa, better acknowledging the mutually beneficial partnership between the two. We will take action on gender and equality in Uganda and Lesotho.

We will continue to fund the provision of advice, training, networking and support to the sector. We will provide small grants to Welsh organisations to increase their impact with four broad themes – climate emergency; lifelong learning; health and sustainable livelihoods – and encourage a focus on gender issues and improved monitoring and evaluation.

We will grow our successful International Learning Opportunities programme, which has seen nearly 200 people take part in eight-week placements in support of the SDGs.

We will build on environmental projects in Africa – Wales has already helped to protect an area of tropical rainforest twice the size of Wales – and we will work with our partners to plant a tree in sub-Saharan Africa for every person in Wales every year in response to the climate emergency.

We will work more closely with the UK Department for International Development and seek to ensure that more of its funds are spent in Wales and through Welsh organisations and companies.

Read the action plan to 'Wales and Africa' here!


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