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New Scramble for Africa: Public Event

New Scramble for Africa: Public Event

13 Aug 2018

WHEN: 23rd June 6pm – 8.00pm
WHERE: Temple of Peace, Cathays Park, Cardiff, CF10 3AP

​According to World Development Movement £600 Million in UK aid will be spent on a scheme to help big business increase their profits in Africa. This seminar workshop will explore potential perceived impacts of this G-8 sponsored scheme which comes under the banner of ‘New Alliance for Food and Security and Nutrition’.

​Join us for a debate?

•    Does agribusiness provide jobs and growth for rural communities across Sub-Saharan Africa or wealth for multinationals?
•    Is the private sector the most effective at lifting people out of poverty?


•    To raise awareness and understanding of Agribusiness issues in Africa.
•    To engage with development actors on what is the way forward for food security, corporate social responsibility and agribusiness in Africa.
•    Highlight the importance of Agriculture and issues faced by small scale farmer.


•    Greater understanding of Agribusiness
•    Understanding of DFID’s ‘New Alliance initiative’ and
•    What Welsh civil society can do to hold multinational corporations accountable in their implementation of agribusiness policies.


18:00 - 18.15                Welcome from Chair: Julian Rosser

18:15 - 18.25                Nick Dearden on ‘The New Scramble for Africa’.
18.30 – 18.45                Lesutis Gediminas on Land Grabbing and Biofuels in Mozambique
18.50 – 19.00               Norbert Mputu on the Impact of Agribusiness for small scale farmers
19.05 – 19.15               Elen Jones on the impact of Fairtrade and response to SOAS report.

19.15 – 19.50                                               Q&A

20.00                                                            END

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