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Sketch, Paint and Sip

Sketch, Paint and Sip

1 Jul 2022

An extract from the event hosts Fred and Joe Mdamanyi (Madaraja artists)

Our sip and paint event on 21st May, 2022 was so special not only because it was a first-time experience, but because of the amazing results. Even though it was our first time to host such an event, we came to learn that the concept is very effective in connecting with people, while exploring and unveilling their hidden potentials. It proved to be a creative and fun outlet, plus people got to learn some new techniques and skills from others. 

More than 27 participants were holding a paint brush and a canvas for the first time, but with some simple guidance from us (hosts/instructors), they produced incredible masterpieces. This made us all believe that people have hidden potentials, they just space to explore and bring it out. We were happy to also hear that some participants were able to commission their paintings after posting on their social media accounts. 

Our participants reacted so positively to the idea and can't wait to take part in our next events so badly. We developed some creative ideas from our first sip and paint experience, and we would love to share them with the team whenever possible.

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