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SSAP Sudan Fundraising Event Blog

SSAP Sudan Fundraising Event Blog

1 Sep 2023

On 15th April 2023 conflict, instability and tension took over the nation of Sudan. Leaving several citizens and communities around the world deeply wounded, traumatized and affected.

In response SSAP collaborated with the Sudan Community as well as Hub Cymru Africa, G39, Non-Place Collective and Umbrella Art Collective Cardiff to put together an awareness Bazaar on the 24th June 2023. This joint event saw an audience of over 80 people from predominantly the Sudanese community, as well as African and Welsh communities.

The location of the event was held at the art gallery G39 in Cardiff and the style of the event was a bazaar with several purchasable items and experiences such as henna design booth, Sudan style coffee, traditional clothing, handicrafts, Sudan meals, arts and crafts. The event also made available a spare room which had a screening of videos sharing on the impact of war on Sudan.

This event also offered an open stage for the Sudan community to share, express and communicate personal reflections or speeches concerning Sudan. This same stage offered the attendees an afternoon exposed to all angels of the Sudan culture from poems, testimonials and traditional dance. It was clear that there was a great sense of community and a lot of knowledge about the state of Sudan was taken away. The event fostered a strong spirit of allyship, a growing awareness of Sudan as a country to keep updated about and support - today! The event was also able to raise a contribution for the Sudan Doctor’s Union and the Sudan community was able to make a donation for medical relief. Therefore if you came to the event, we would like to thank you for standing with Sudan and we ask that you continue to stand with Sudan.

We received the following feedback about the event;

From our attendees we picked up the following reflections.

“I bought some perfume & mineral hair treatment (mud!) from the stalls & I enjoyed some food.The speakers were interesting & I loved the dancers - Thank you & your team for organising this - I will certainly come again if you hold another event.”

“ It was good, generally. It was a good organization of events. Good location. So many people. More than I expected. ”

“ It was good! It raises awareness and this is important. ”

Photo credits: Polly Thomas for g39

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SSAP Sudan Fundraising Event Blog

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