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Tuwezeshe Dada: 16 Days of Activism

Tuwezeshe Dada: 16 Days of Activism

13 Aug 2018


To kick start our social media campaign we (along with our partners) took part in the UNs 16 days of Activism (from the 25th November- 10th December) which aims to end violence against women and girls around the world. Our photo campaign, entitled ‘My Rights, My Freedoms’ focused on shedding light on the importance of communicating and empowering young women and girls and giving them the tools and support to take control of their own narratives and stories.

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Ahead of our campaign we partnered with Cardiff University African and Caribbean society (CardiffACS) and Hayaat Juniors. We thank both teams for getting involved and helping us in our campaign’. We mobilised support, raised awareness and tried to continue the discussion of GBV in the African continent and in the diaspora. The campaign was hugely successful as we managed to engage with many campaigners, organisations and young activists. We plan to continue the momentum throughout the project and we hope you can support us along the way.

​You can follow and support our campaign by following us on Twitter, Facebook and reading our Blog.

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